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Features of Development
Features of Development
The 21st century is the New Economy Age. As intellectual capital, Internet,
e-commerce, and derivative products are becoming more popular, professions
related to accounting and statistics will also be combined with information service
and fi nancial service. The Department hopes to cultivate accounting experts for the
private and public sectors in coordination with the country’s educational policy, current
economic status, and future development. Students are expected to acquire the integrated
skills of accounting, information technology, and language so that they may utilize information
technology to improve the accuracy of accounting tasks.
In addition to general introductory and advanced courses (fi nancial accounting,
cost and management accounting, tax accounting, auditing accounting information
system,etc) the Department offers courses in fi nancial products, hedge accounting, bank
accounting, fi nancial analysis system, simulation and analysis of investment pracitice to
strengthen students’ ability to use computers and accounting application software. Students
are also encouraged to acquire licenses in accounting.