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About Us

Department of Accounting Information (with Graduate Institute of Accounting and Taxation)



The Department of Accounting Information, adopted the current name in 2003, was founded in 1968. The Department initially offers a five-year junior college program.  The Department started offering a four-year college program as well in 2003. In 2014, the Graduate Institute of Accounting and Taxation, founded in 2010, mergered with the Department.



The Department of Accounting Information is committed to provide excellent teaching and services to  prepare future accounting elite for business, government, and non-profit organizations.



The educational goal of the Department is to equip future accountants with integrated knowledge and skills on accounting, information technology, taxation, corporate governance, and finance, as well as global visions and social care.

1. To solidify our mission and educational goal, the features for our undergraduate program are:

  • Integrated learning on accounting expertise and information technology skills

  • Putting knowledge into practice during internship,

  • Development of analytical thinking and communication ability, and

  • Combination of theory and practice through industry-academic cooperation.

2. The features for our graduate program are:

  • Combination of theory and practice in accounting and taxation,

  • Interdisciplinary integration of practical abilities on intellectual capital, corporate governance and taxation with global visions, and

  • Raising students' research potential in analytical thinking and creativity through industry-academic research projects.


Future development

The Department continues its efforts to become the signature programs of the NTUB by way of:

  • Enhancing teaching excellence in both delivery and content, as defined by academic rigor, student satisfaction, and peer benchmarking.

  • Providing students with quality services in academic advising, administrative services, co-curricular activities, and career planning/placement.

  • Cultivating strong partnerships and strategic alliances with external stakeholders.